Success! The games of Jeuxly

Posted on Sunday, August 19, 2012 by Jennie Faber

Jeuxly is a wrap, and our showcase and reception event on August 18 was a huge success. All six incubator participants completed and presented their games to a packed house at Bento Miso. Each and every one of the participants exceeded our expectations and created a unique and personal game.

Didn’t make it to the showcase event? Get to know each of these dames and their games a little better before we make them available to download and play on September 1.

Gillian Blekkenhorst


Gillian is an illustrator who has also self-published comics and zines “mostly about teen angst, faux-religions i made up and ghost stories.” Her day job is in the advertising industry. She came to Jeuxly with some experience making simple HTML games and programming in PHP, and was hoping both to boost her coding skills and get more involved in the indie game community in Toronto.

Gillian is into point-and-click adventures and puzzle games, spooky stuff and non-linear narratives. Her game, Cuddlegeddon, tackles a cognitive psychology narrative in the form of a two-player co-op that inverts the competitive Pong model.

You can find some of her work at and follow her on Twitter at @gblekkenhorst. 

Yuliya Boublikova

Golden Fall

Yuliya is a graduate of the animation program at Sheridan College, with credits that include the Comedy Network series Ugly Americans and the stop-motion film “Icaria,” to be seen at the Montreal Stop Motion Film Festival and the Northwest Animation festival in Portland. She participated in Jeuxly with the intent of using her animation skills—and picking up the technological/programming skills—to create a game that reflected her artistic sensibilities.

The concept for Golden Fall came together early in the incubator: A side-scrolling platformer, starring an Indiana Jones-styled squirrel. She focused on introducing interesting mechanics and refining her game world, which employs a unique and very appropriate vertical level design.

You can see more of Yuliya’s work at “”:

Miriam Verburg

Having It All

Miriam is a 10-year veteran of the interactive industry, with a work history that includes project-managing game dev teams at zinc Roe games and various web development projects for non-profits and charities. Inspired by the DEI panel at the TIFF Nexus Women in Film, Games & New Media Day, as well as DPAD (which featured games made by participants in DMG Toronto’s first incubator, JAMuary),

Miriam applied for Jeuxly with the hope of complementing her planning and design background with the hard skills needed to create a game on her own. She identified “turning theory into labor” as her biggest challenge.

Her game, Having it All, is a platformer about false dichotomy.

You can find her on twitter as @mirverburg. 

Christine Kim


Christine is a video game theorist and a recent master’s graduate at OCADU in the New Media Art History program. After discovering DMG Toronto through the JAMuary exhibition at DPAD in February, Christine applied for Jeuxly. She hoped to combine her deep theoretical knowledge about gameplay and games as art with experience with the practical side of game design and development, and thought the accountability and supportive environment of an incubator would suit her well.

Best described as a “snake hell maze,“ _Bitmap_ is a retro-inspired arcade game influenced by her love of Katamari and Japanese bullet-hell games. The level design is informed by the work of visual artist Alina Sechkin, with music from chiptunes musician Oxvylu.

Through Jeuxly, Christine feels she has gained the skills she needs to experiment freely with games as an artistic medium. 

You can find her on Twitter at @limbtolimb. 

Julia Ediger

Une semaine de bonté: The Game

Julia is an illustrator, comic artist, and animator who is also interested in technology, web development, and surrealist literature.

She loves the idea of games with innovative or non-linear narratives, and hoped to be able to use her Jeuxly project to explore game-driven narrative concepts in a structured environment.

Her highly visual memory game is based on the 1934 graphic novel Une semaine de bonté. Successful players are rewarded with a “Surreal Fortune” that can be shared on Twitter.

You can find her on Twitter at @reynardin. 

Marie Flanagan


Marie is happiest when making, and has built things from earthtainers (to allow for growth of plants without wasting water) to social enterprises. She came to Jeuxly hoping to add a game to the list of things she’s made, and to do so in a structured  and supportive environment where feedback and questions were welcomed.

Marie is intrigued by how non-linear narratives can be used in games as communication tools. Her game, Þink (pronounced “Think”), explores creating, growing, and harvesting ideas in a very tactile, minimal way. She hopes it can be used as a practical tool to help players explore ideas within the specific constraints of the plant-growing metaphor.

You can find her on Twitter at @omarieclaire.