Halfway point recap + remaining work sessions

Posted on Thursday, August 2, 2012 by Jennie Faber

Our Jeuxly participants are making great headway on their games. Last week, we saw:

  • Gillian’s “stiff and morbid” art style for her Pong-like relationship shooter
  • Yuliya’s polished pixel art and animation for her jaunty squirrel platformer
  • Julia’s highly visual memory game, inspired by Une semaine de bonté, which she’s building in GameSalad
  • Christine’s bullet-hell inspired maze-based Snake-like
  • Marie’s idea-growing metaphorical narrative

(Miriam was away in the Yukon, working on her office-motif platformer.)

There are just three work sessions remaining before the final showcase on August 18!

  • Saturday, August 4, following Christine Love’s New Game Makers workshop – open work session for participants, mentors, and Miso members and friends
  • Wednesday, August 8 – work session for Jeuxly participants and mentors
  • Friday, August 10 – work session for Jeuxly participants and mentors

Depending on how things go, we might try to squeeze one more mentor session in before the big event.

Thanks again to our amazing mentors and volunteers—we couldn’t do this without you! Your support, patience, and knowledge mean the world to us and the Jeuxly dames.